Transit Positioning
Achievable with Beacons

Smart Public Transportation

Imagine a city where the passengers can get access to real time location of the buses on their cell-phone without having Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Walking up to a bus or train stop, and receiving a notification from the city’s transportation department alerting you to the time of the next train or bus, and recommending alternate, faster options. By integrating beacons into your transportation system, we can provide this information to end users. Smart Transportation in Vancouver. Seamless mobility.

We can help organizations deliver timetable information, navigation, guidance, and assistance, making public transportation more efficient for end users.

Economical and Sustainable

Beacons with 10 years battery life and secure Bluetooth 5

Tough beacons and IP56 resistant to high and low temperatures (-40°C to +80°C)

Low cost and low energy beacons

Seamless Mobility

Fremtid Media provides a smart and low cost advisory system by integrating low energy beacons into public busses and bus stops to visualize real time locations of the busses for users and for transportation authorities to be able to collect data about where people are getting on and getting off.

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